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Le mot de la présidente

« The values embodied by Le COEUR de VIVESCIA are what drives me, both from a professional and a personal standpoint. These complicated and troubling times further highlight the importance of not feeling alone, of showing solidarity, and of supporting those who need it in our region and beyond. »

Marie Gailliot, President of Le CŒUR de VIVESCIA and farmer.

Three questions to the president of the Association

A mother of three daughters, Marie Gailliot grows large-scale crops (grain, beet, alfalfa) on a farm she managers with her husband in Saint-Etienne-à-Arnes in the north-east of France. She is on the VIVESCIA farming cooperative’s board of administrators, and she was appointed president of CŒUR de VIVESCIA in April 2020.

What drove you to get involved? 

I joined the association in 2016, when it was organising an initiative donating wheat. The wheat donated was turned into flour and given to Les Restos du Coeur (a charity that distributes food to those in need) in order to help the most vulnerable. I loved the idea: as a farmer, I'm very moved by the idea of being able to help people who don't have enough to eat!

The association's scope is very wide; what connects these different causes? 

We help people who live nearby or thousands of kilometres away, through issues that are part of our DNA: farming, food, and rural life. These three pillars are complementary and enable us to help people all over the world! We are committed to supporting collective projects and sharing our expertise.

What are your ambitions for your term as president? 

I hope that we will be able to find projects that bring people together and inspire even more farmers and employees to get involved! I'm aware that times are hard for many people, but I believe it's important to help those around us and further afield. Launching a call for projects and getting people to vote on them should make our farmers and employees feel even more directly involved.

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