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France – The "Entreprendre" network

Réseau entreprendre

We support local job creation through our commitment to the Champagne-Ardenne Entreprendre network

VIVESCIA's history is one of entrepreneurial farmers. We were therefore enthusiastic about the partnership we began in 2016 with the Entreprendre network of Champagne-Ardenne, whose aim is precisely to encourage the creation of businesses and jobs in our region.

"To create jobs, you need to create employers"

That is the conviction that drove André Mulliez, who was born in 1986 in the north of France, to create the Entreprendre network. Its purpose is to create SMEs and ETIs in French regions. The network is made up of business leaders, who volunteer to support people trying to start a business, and helps finance the creation or acquisition of a business that has potential to create jobs. We have been supporting the Champagne-Ardenne chapter, based in Reims and Troyes, since 2016.

A local network to support business creators

Projects have to cross several filters in order to receive network's support. Candidates who want to create or acquire a business must first present their projects to the director of the Champagne-Ardenne chapter, Clotilde Buti. The selected candidates then meet four or five business owners who will "challenge" their project. If the response is positive, the project is put to a selection committee made up of 10 business owners, and some VIVESCIA employees depending on the sessions. The project must receive this committee's unanimous support for the network to sponsor the project. If the decision is positive, they will also receive three years' mentoring. Later, they will in turn help other business creators in their region.

The support of Le CŒUR de VIVESCIA 

We began our partnership with the Champagne-Ardenne Entreprendre network in 2016, in order to help create businesses and jobs in our cooperative's region. We are involved in two ways: 

- We provide financial support.

- Farmers and employees of our Group provide support for the project's sponsors. 

The Champagne-Ardenne Entreprendre network in 2019:  

  • 165 business owners and directors volunteering
  • 9 companies created
  • 4 companies acquired
  • 120 jobs created 

“Les Serres de Noisette”: A company founded by young agricultural engineers.

“Les Serres de Noisette”: A company founded by young agricultural engineers.

In 2017, VIVESCIA CSR director, Régis Mérand, became the proud mentor of Camille Daubre and Maxence Graebling, two young entrepreneurs who acquired a greenhouse in the Aube department. 

In 2017, this couple of engineers (she is a chemist and he is a hydraulics engineer) decided to leave their office jobs for the field, taking over a 1.8-hectare greenhouse in Trancault. They essentially grow cucumbers — 900 tonnes per year – but also bell peppers, aubergines, and 13 varieties of tomatoes. The tomatoes are sold on the local market, while the rest of their output is sold through a cooperative. 

Their specificity is that their crops are cultivated entirely without pesticides and that they practice integrative biological control: rather than using insecticides, they use the pests' natural predators, or their larvae, like bugs or flies. In the tomato field, they also have beehives to pollinate the crops. And finally, although the greenhouse is already heated using geothermal technology, Camille Daubre and Maxence Graebling have also fitted their greenhouses with sensors that continuously measure the temperature, wind speed, and humidity.

In 2020, just three years after Les Serres de Noisettes was (re)opened, the young farming entrepreneurs/engineers already have four full-time employees and five seasonal workers!

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