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Au Cœur des Paysans

Marche dans un chemin

We support Au Cœur des Paysans:
(re)discovering the rural world through hiking.

Promoting rural communities and contributing to their economic growth are ambitions that are dear to us. Au Cœur des Paysans is an association with a unique project that consists in organising walks in the countryside where hikers get to meet and talk to farmers along the way. We can't help but be 100% behind that!

Au Cœur des Paysans: facilitating meetings between city-dwellers and rural inhabitants 

This independent association aims to (re)build ties between urban and rural populations by organising encounters with farmers who open their doors to hikers. It's an opportunity for farmers to talk about their profession, to present their farms, and to share their know-how. It's also a way for hikers to talk directly to farmers about their expectations in terms of food and the environment. Sometimes, tastings are also organised at the same time as these discussions.

The support of Le CŒUR de VIVESCIA

We have been providing financial support to Au Cœur des Paysans since 2017. We help them find farmers who are willing to meet these hikers, as well as helping them organise meetings for them to present their association in every region.

From the Ardennes to the Pyrenees: unrivalled diversity

The route crosses the whole of France, from the Ardennes to the Pyrenees. It is made up of five hiking paths covering a total of 700 km, across seven departments. The locations where these encounters between farmers and hikers take place have very low population densities and were carefully chosen by the association for their value to society. As well as the encounters and discussions they allow, these hikes are also a way for Au Cœur des Paysans to illustrate the diversity of French farming.

"Our country boasts another asset of immeasurable value: its farmers. Humble, passionate, and committed, they are central to a balanced relationship between man and nature, and have a fundamental calling: to feed us."

Testimonial by David Terapet: Farmer in the Aube Department

David Terapet

Based in Joncreuil, David's farm is located in two different natural regions: "champagne humide" (humid champagne), where he grows grain and breeds dairy cows; and "champagne crayeuse" (clay champagne), where he grows sugar beet and alfalfa for industrial purposes, as well as storing grain. He has been a partner of Au Cœur des Paysans since 2019.

What motivated you to meet hikers? 

It's important for me to know how city-dwellers perceive us. Food is a subject that is at the heart of much discussion in our society: many consumers have doubts about the quality of their food and how it is grown. I want to present my farming system, to give them an objective image: that of a farmer who is responsible for a sustainable ecosystem.  


How do your visitors perceive farming? 

They are interested in the farm's history and in what motivates us to do this profession. They are interested in our lifestyle and want to understand how we work. 

How do you feel about these meetings organised by the association? 

It's satisfying to share our passion for our profession with people who don't have a farming background. I can use these opportunities to show them what kind of farmer I am, with my different crops, which gives rise to interesting conversations.


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